Our Intermediate – FSc,  ICom, FA Tutors Fee:

Tuition Fee Depends upon students  Condition, No. of subjects, Tenure of Exam.

Regular Tutors Fee:

  • Rs 8000/One Subjects
  • Rs 10000/ Two Subjects
  • Rs 12000/ Three Subjects
  • Rs 15000/All Subjects Combination

*25% Discount (In case of Group Tuition – Group 2-5 Students)

*Classes would be held Five days a week (Monday-Friday).

Subject Specialist Tutors Fee:

  • Rs. 15000/One Subject

*20% Discount (In case of Group Tuition – Group 2-5 Students)

*Classes would be held Five days a week (Monday-Friday).

We have not started the classes yet. Please enroll.

More on Subjects

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. English
  5. Urdu


Mathematics ( F.Sc. Year 1)

F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 1: Number System
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 2: Sets, Functions and Groups
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 3: Matrices and Determinants
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 4: Quadratic Equations
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 5: Partial Fractions
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 6: Sequences and Series
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 7: Permutation , Combination and Probability
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 8: Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 11: Trigonometric Functions and their Graphs
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 10: Trigonometric Identities
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 9: Fundamentals of Trigonometry
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 12: Application of Trigonometry
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 13: Inverse Trigonometric Functions
F.Sc. Math Book1, CH 14: Solutions of Trigonometric Equation

Mathematics ( F.Sc. Year 2)

F.Sc. Math Book2, CH 1: Functions and Limits
F.Sc. Math Book2, CH 2: Differentiation
F.Sc. Math Book2, CH 3: Integration
F.Sc. Math Book2, CH 4: Geometry
F.Sc. Math Book2, CH 5: Linear Inequalities
F.Sc. Math Book2, CH 6: Conic Section
F.Sc. Math Book2, CH 7: Vectors


Physics ( F.Sc. Year 1)

F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 1: Measurements
F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 2: Vectors and Equilibrium
F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 3: Motion and Force
F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 4: Work and Energy
F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 5: Circular Motion
F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 6: Fluid Dynamics
F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 7: Oscillations
F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 8: Waves
F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 9: Physical Optics
F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 10: Optical Instruments
F.Sc. Physics Book1, CH 11: Heat and Thermodynamics

Physics ( F.Sc. Year 2)

F.Sc. Physics Book2, CH 12: Electrostatics
F.Sc. Physics Book2, CH 13: Current Electricity
F.Sc. Physics Book2, CH 14: Electromagnetism
F.Sc. Physics Book2, CH 15: Electromagnetic Induction
F.Sc. Physics Book2, CH 16: Alternating Current
F.Sc. Physics Book2, CH 17: Physics Of Solids
F.Sc. Physics Book2, CH 18: Electronics
F.Sc. Physics Book2, CH 19: Dawn Of Modern Physics
F.Sc. Physics Book2, CH 20: Atomic Spectra
F.Sc. Physics Book2, CH 21: Nuclear Physics


Chemistry ( F.Sc. Year 1)

F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 1: Basic Concepts
F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 2: Experimental Techniques in Chemistry
F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 3: Gases
F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 4: Liquids and Solids
F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 5: Atomic Structure
F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 6: Chemical Bonding
F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 7: Thermochemistry
F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 8: Chemical Equilibrium
F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 9: Solutions
F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 10: Electrochemistry
F.Sc. Chemistry Book1, CH 11: Reaction Kinetics

Chemistry ( F.Sc. Year 2)

F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 2: s-Block elements
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 3: Group IIIA and IVA Elements
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 4: Group VA and Group VIA Elements
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 5: The Halogens and The Nobel Gases
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 6: Transition Elements
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 8: Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 9: Aromatic Hydrocarbons
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 7: Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 12; Aldehydes and Ketones
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 11: Alcohols, Phenols and Ether
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 10: Alkyle Halides
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 13: Carboxylic Acids
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 14; Macromolecules
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 16; Environmental Chemistry
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 15; Common Chemical Industries in Pakistan {Coming soon}
F.Sc. Chemistry Book2, CH 1: Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity