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Tuition Fee Depends upon students  Condition, No. of subjects, Tenure of Exam.

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  • Rs: 10,000/ Two Subjects
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*Classes would be held Five days a week (Monday-Friday).

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*25% Discount (In case of Group Tuition – Group 2-5 Students)

*Classes would be held Five days a week (Monday-Friday).

More on Subjects

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. English
  5. Urdu

1- Mathematics
Students will understand Mathematics concepts clearly with professional methods.

This course of mathematics is aligned to support students for success in next level mathematics courses and on state mathematics assessments which include the topics related to arithmetic, numbers classification, algebraic manipulation and linear algebra, geometry of triangle and circles and trigonometry.

Animations and real life examples are included in recorded lectures relevant to the topics to make the topics more meaningful.
Chapter 01: Matrices and Determinants
Chapter 02: Real and Complex Numbers
Chapter 03: Logarithms
Chapter 04: Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 05: Factorization
Chapter 06: Algebraic Manipulation
Chapter 07: Linear Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 08: Linear Graphs & Their Application
Chapter 09: Introduction to Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 10: Congruent Triangles
Chapter 11: Parallelograms and Triangles
Chapter 12: Line Bisectors and Angle Bisectors
Chapter 13: Sides and Angles of a Triangle
Chapter 14: Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 15: Pythagoras’ Theorem
Chapter 16: Theorems Related with Area
Chapter 17: Practical Geometry-Triangles

Math Book for Class 10

Chapter 1: Quadratic Equations
Chapter 2: Theory of Quadratic Equations
Chapter 3: Variations
Chapter 4: Partial Fractions
Chapter 5: Sets and Functions
Chapter 6: Basic Statistics
Chapter 7: Introduction to Trigonometry
Chapter 8: Projection of a Side of a Triangle
Chapter 9: Chords of a Circle
Chapter 10: Tangent to a Circle
Chapter 11: Chords and Arcs
Chapter 12: Angle in a Segment of a Circle
Chapter 13: Practical Geometry-Circles


Physics Book for Class 9

Chapter 1: Physical Quantities and Measurement
Chapter 2: Kinematics
Chapter 3: Dynamics
Chapter 4: Turning Effect of Forces
Chapter 5: Gravitation
Chapter 6: Work and Energy
Chapter 7: Properties of Matter
Chapter 8: Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 9: Transfer of Heat

Physics Book for Class 10
Chapter 10: Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves
Chapter 11: Sound
Chapter 12: Geometrical Optics
Chapter 13: Electrostatics
Chapter 14: Current Electricity
Chapter 15: Electromagnetism
Chapter 17: Information and Communication Techn
Chapter 18: Atomic and Nuclear Physics


Chemistry Book for Class 9

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Chemistry
Chapter 2: Structure of Atoms
Chapter 3: Periodic Table and Periodicity
Chapter 4: Structure of Molecules
Chapter 5: Physical States of Matter
Chapter 6: Solutions
Chapter 7: Electrochemistry
Chapter 8: Chemical Reactivity

Chemistry Book for Class 10
Chapter 9: Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 10: Acids, Bases and Salts
Chapter 11: Organic Chemistry
Chapter 12: Hydrocarbons
Chapter 13: Biochemistry
Chapter 14: Environmental Chemistry I: The Atmos
Chapter 15: Environmental Chemistry ll: Water
Chapter 16: Chemical Industries